Welcome to Black Sewing Network

Black Sewing Network is a platform that celebrates and amplifies black voices in the sewing community. We host daily sewalongs on social media that encourages and motivates members of the the sewing community to sew daily!


Days Of Live Sewalongs




Days Of
Sewing Fun

Daily Sewalongs

If ever you’re seeking daily motivation and inspiration for your sewing journey, look no further. Black Sewing network offers a wide variety of sewalongs on a daily basis, where hosts construct garments and bags that can be used to enhance your style! Live sewalongs are free to watch and occur across social media platforms.

Additional Programming

Our sewalongs are intended to show our audiences how to construct a sewing project from beginning to end, mainly using patterns. However, we do offer more intensive courses related to sewing techniques and how to effectively market and run your creative business.

Dynamic Expert Hosts

Our hosts are very helpful and eager to answer your sewing and creative business questions.

Supportive Sewing Community

Our live sewalongs are very engaging, entertaining and fun! We welcome positivity and love the way in which our community interacts with one another!

Feel free to contact us about upcoming sewalongs, collaborations, promos, and working with our amazing hosts.